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 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.Some are about our lawn program, some are about our company,some are about lawn care in general.


​  Q : Is PureGreen a franchise or national company ? 

   A : PureGreen is a locally owned and operated lawn care company.We are located in Athens, Alabama.






  Q : Do you service my area ?

  A : We service most areas in Limestone and Madison Counties. Fill out our free quote form and we will tell you if you are        in our service area.



Q : Is PureGreen different from other companies ?

A: Yes. We have developed our program over the last twenty years and tailored it to perfection.We use a propritary blend     of products and application methods that our competitors can not duplicate. 










  Q : My  current company does not treat my dallis grass or nutsedge. Does PureGreen Control  all  of the weeds ?

  A: Yes! We treat all the weeds and wild grasses. Dallis grass and nutsedge are weeds that will be treated as part of our         normal 7 application program.


  Q: Do I have to take all 7 treatments ?

  A : We highly recommend all 7. If you only take part of the program, then you can only fix part of the problem. 



 Q : How does PureGreen bill me ?

  A: We will leave an invoice with each treatment. You can pay online with a credit or debit card or send a check to our           p.o. box. Customers who pre-pay for the years service receive a 10% discount.We send everyone a prepay notice at         the first of the year.










  Q : Is the service continuous ?

  A: Yes. Our service is continuous from year to year , just like your utilities or phone service.

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